Slip and Fall Attorney in Greater Los Angeles Area

Picture of injury after Slip and FallEveryone has slipped or tripped and fallen at some point – it’s just a fact of life. Sometimes, it happens because we’re distracted or not paying attention. But other times, it’s due to the negligence of others that we find ourselves severely injured from a bad fall.

If your suffered an injury from a slip and fall and believe that it was not your fault, please contact William Waddell. He will meet with you face to face. He will contact your doctors to get a full understanding of your injuries. In most cases, Mr. Waddell will arrange to have an engineering expert visit the scene in order to prepare an evaluation of the dangerous condition leading to the fall. Please contact William Waddell today, he will fight for your rights.

There are several categories of falls that are eligible for compensation, including but not limited to:

  • Slip and fall: insufficient warning of a slippery or wet walking surface
  • Trip and fall: an object blocked the way with no safety barrier or warning of its presence
  • Step and fall: a hole or other uneven aspect to the area, causing you to lose your balance
  • Stump and fall: a protrusion causes you to stop short and fall

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